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Human Services:
Certificates & Associate Degrees

Community Health Worker

Child Psychologist

Assist individuals and the community to achieve positive health outcomes by helping people adopt healthy behaviors and navigate the health system. Training: about 10 weeks (1 term)

Peer Support Specialist

Therapy session

An individual with shared, lived experience with substance use and/or mental health who provides supportive services to a current or former consumer of mental health or addiction treatment. Training: about 4 weeks.

Addiction Studies & Human Services


Prepares students to work for organizations that serve people in need. Students learn the theories, principles, and practice of providing services. Human services jobs can include substance abuse counselor, youth worker, mental health aide, or probation officer and provide services to schools, prisons, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.


COCC Addiction Studies and Human Services Two-Year Certificate of Completion:

Provides the coursework and 300 of the 1,000 hours of supervised experience required to qualify to sit for the Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I exam. The certificate also provides foundational coursework recommended by community partners to be successful in the addictions field, criminal justice field, and other human services fields that include work with addicted persons and their families.

COCC Addiction Studies and Human Services Associate of Applied Science: 

Builds on the certificate of completion, which qualifies a student to sit for the Oregon Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) level I exam and prepares students for the CADC II certification. 

Human Services - Transfer (AAOT):

Prepares students to transfer to a university to complete a Bachelor's degree program ifields related to human services.

Public Health & Community Health

Online Medical Consultant

Public Health - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer:

Designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in public health or a related field. Public health includes a wide variety of careers that focus on the following skills and responsibilities: disease & injury prevention, health promotion, health and social equity, environmental sustainability, health education & coaching, advocacy, addressing health disparities, case management, developing health policies & programs, community needs assessment, healthcare reform, disaster preparedness, workplace safety, epidemiology, and so much more. Work settings include health departments, government agencies, non-profit & social service organizations, medical clinics, academic institutions, and international health.

COCC Community Health One Year Certificate of Completion

Prepares students to work in the fields of public health, health care, and community-based organizations. Jobs in the public health field include community health worker, wellness coach, sustainable practices/advocacy, peer-centered support specialist, outreach case manager, and community health advocate. Graduates work to reduce unequal rates of illness and death between different communities, promote wellness, and advocate for health equity. All course work can be applied to the Public Health Associates of Art Degree of Transfer. Courses cover foundations of public health, sustainable development, motivational interviewing, and health promotion strategies..

Social Sciences: Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology

Support Group Meeting

COCC students interested in developing skills to work with people in a variety of helping careers may choose to take classes or major in psychology, sociology or anthropology. Transfer degrees (AAOT) can help you prepare to continue your studies at a university and earn a Bachelor's degree.

Use Oregon State University's "What Can I Do With This Major?" website, to explore all the careers that social science programs can prepare you for (scroll down the page to find the icon for "What Can I Do With This Major?").

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