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Step 3: Identify Pathways

Post Secondary or Higher Education Pathways

Post secondary or higher education includes any type of education and training beyond high school. There are many options to choose from: colleges or universities, apprenticeships, certifications, trade schools, military, and more. Before exploring which program would be the best fit for you, it is important to understand the value of continuing your education.

Why Continue Your Education Or Training After High School?

Increased lifetime earning potential

College graduates earn an average of 66% more than students who do not continue their education after high school.


Increased employment stability

People with education beyond high school are more likely to stay employed even during a recession. Six out of ten jobs in Oregon require that applicants have education or training beyond high school.



Increased job satisfaction

Post secondary education can help you embark upon a career path that is personally meaningful.  Plus, education can help you advance into more interesting work that aligns with your strengths and expertise.

Increased happiness & well-being

People with college education are generally happier, more fulfilled, and more engaged with their community. College graduates also tend to live longer than those with a high school diploma or less.


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College & University Pathways

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Help me learn more about degree & certificate options

Help me find a college or university that is a good match for me

Frequently asked questions about college

I want to take college classes while I am in high school

Additional Options After High School

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