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Related Education Careers

License requirements do change periodically and vary by state. For more information on teacher preparation programs and licensure in Oregon, go to the Oregon Teacher Standard and Practices Commission website.

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Become an Oregon Educator

The Willamette ESD and Salem-Keizer Public Schools developed an comprehensive resource website for students interested in becoming Educators in Oregon.  It includes the following:

  • Teaching career exploration

  • Educational pathways for teachers in Oregon

  • Financial aid resources for future educators

  • Assistance for future educators

Education Certificates & Degrees

Note: College & university program information listed below is subject to change.  Research specific program information on school websites and college catalogs. 


Librarian or Archivist

Most librarians have a Master's degree in Library Science (MLS) or Library and Information Science (MLIS). It takes about two years to complete a MLS after earning a bachelor's degree. In a master's degree program, you study library science, material selection, and reference tools.

Learn more about careers as a librarian or archivist

School Librarian

To be employed as a licensed school librarian in an Oregon public school, one must be a licensed teacher and have a library media endorsement (LME). While no Oregon university offers a library media endorsement program anymore, there are options for Oregon teachers and districts.

Learn more about how to become an Oregon School Librarian: How to identify accepted out-of-state library media endorsement programs and how to add an LME to an Oregon teaching license.

School Mental Health

There are three categories of school-based mental health professionals that are licensed by Oregon TSPC:

  • School Counselors

  • School Psychologists

  • School Social Workers

Each of these professionals plays a unique role in a school system: Overview of each of the roles

School Counseling

The Preliminary School Counselor License is issued to educators who have completed a school counselor preparation program and hold a Master’s degree. It is valid for any school counselor position in a prekindergarten to grade 12 school. In order to apply to a school counseling master’s program, students need to complete a Bachelor’s degree as well as required pre-requisites. Students may choose any Bachelor's degree for their undergraduate degree.

School Psychology

The minimum requirement to be credentialed as a school psychologist is a specialist-level program of study in school psychology (e.g., EdS, MS+, SSP CAGS) that consists of a minimum of 3 years of full-time study at the graduate level, at least 60 graduate semester hours or the equivalent (e.g., 90 quarter credit hours), and a supervised internship taken for academic credit.  Students complete a Bachelor's degree before applying to a graduate program.

Oregon School Psychology Graduate Programs

School Social Work

This is a newer role in Oregon schools. School Social Workers support the social and emotional growth and academic outcomes of students by reducing barriers to school success: poverty, lack of basic needs, substance use, systemic racism, behavioral challenges, and trauma related mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Responsibilities may include: case management, advocacy, support for mental health and social services, parent education, and more.

Oregon School Social Work Programs

Speech Therapist

Speech therapists directly with children, adolescents, or adults with a variety of speech, language, communication, literacy, cognition, and swallowing disorders in settings that include schools, clinics, hospitals, and agencies.

Learn more about Speech Therapy Programs and Degrees in Oregon

School Nurse

School nurses are clinical leaders in the education setting who holistically support students and staff.  Examples of roles and responsibilities include:
• Serve as a case manager to medically complex and fragile students
• Serve as a liaison between the medical community and the school
• Serve as an advocate for student academic access in regards to health status
• Provide expert clinical consultation to best accommodate students with health-related
barriers to education
• Provide delegation and supervision to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) for continuity of care and emergency response to students.
• Provide population-based health care.
• Provide expert consultation to health-related policies within the school setting

(Adapted from Oregon School Nurse Manual)

How To Become a School Nurse in Oregon

Oregon permits a registered nurse to provide nursing services in the school setting, without additional certification. Typically, RNs must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to work in a school setting.

How to earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing

In order to hold the title of “school nurse” in Oregon, the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission requires that RNs acquire state certification as a Professional School Nurse (see information under "Personnel"). 

Outdoor Education

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Oregon Recreation & Outdoor Leadership Programs

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